Surf lessons

Surf lessons

The surf school is mobile, and designed for beginner and intermediate surfers.

From the beginner who looking for a fun and an easy way to experience surfing to the intermediate surfer to improve their technique and ability, the friendly KYMA surf school are ready to help.

Don't let your fears stand in the way of your dreams! Learn to surf in KYMA SURF SCHOOL! Let us show you that surfing is all about fun. We teach you in small, easy waves, over a sandy bottom with proper equipment, and guaranteed smiles.

Open all year. Surf lessons every day (Monday-Sunday).

All ages. From 5 years ... the limit is up to you.

With a wide range of surfboards and equipment, we can ensure you get the best gear to assist your surfing journey.

Surfboard,wetsuit and rash guard, are provided.


  • Surfboard,wetsuit, rashguard, and leash.
  • On land instruction regarding equipment, safety and technique.
  • One hour surf instruction in the water.
  • Teach paddle and positioning yourself on the board.
  • Teaching you to start reading the waves.
  • Safety briefing.
  • An additional one hour surfboard rental free of charge(out of Attica,surfboard all day free of charge).
  • Transport from the meeting place to the surf spot and back.

Surfing day for kids

We offer special lessons for the young ones. Our Surf Coaches have vast experience teaching kids to surf taking extra care in safety. The lessons include fun warming up games which will engage the kids into the activity. These lessons take place separately from adult lessons but at the same time so your whole family can try surfing on the same day.

Private lessons

Perfect if you would prefer having an instructor to yourself or for your friends and family. This kind of lesson allows a more personalised service, allowing one on one training methods and faster progression.

Group Lesson

The group lesson is one of the most popular lessons at KYMA Surf School.
A group lesson consists of 3-4 students per instructor. A basic water safety and land lesson is given before we go in the water. The group lessons is recommended for first time surfers. If you do not have a group, we will form one for you so there is no need to worry.

Semi-Private Lesson

The semi-private lesson is recommended for couples, friends, or family that want to have one instructor to themselves. You will be able to catch more waves than the group and your instructor will be able to adjust to your skill level. The semi-private lesson can be up to 3 people.

2 persons, minimum required


  • GROUP LESSONS : €30 per person
  • KIDS LESSONS : €30
  • Semi-Private Lesson : €40
  • PACKAGE 6 lessons : €150
    • * Maximum 4 students per instructor.
      ** For safety reasons, depending on waves, tides and number of people, or unforseen circumstances, Instructors may decide to not give lessons at specific moments during the day, or cancel lessons completely.



      What type of surfboards are used during the lessons?

      We have soft foam boards that are ideal for beginners during the first few lessons as well as a range of mini-mals for those who want to progress their surfing. For surfers who have already mastered catching waves with larger boards we have a range of fiberglass and epoxy short boards for them to experiment with.

      Where do the lessons take place?

      The lessons always take place at the most suitable beach on the day of the lesson.

      What do I need to bring for a surf lesson?

      Bring with you:

      • Sun Block
      • Hat
      • Water
      • boardshorts or bikinis
      • Towel or PONCHO
      • Surf practice with carver surf skate (best surfing training)
      • A lot of energy and enthusiasm

      What age do I need to be?

      The minimum age for surf lessons is 5 years old and we ask that children under 10 be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the lesson in case they need to leave the water. Adults of all ages are welcome.

      Do I need to be able to swim?

      Beginners do not need to be able to swim, although it is always an advantage for water sports. Lessons for beginners are held in waist deep water.

      Are people of different abilities grouped together in lessons?

      Generally, groups of surfers of differing abilities are not mixed. We aim to keep people of the same level in the same group.

      How many surf lessons do I need?

      We generally find that after about 6 lessons most people have learnt the fundamentals of surfing. After this, people can buy or rent equipment and practice a bit more or continue to train with us using video analysis in order to learn more advanced surfing techniques.

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      We are looking forward to meet you and share the surf moments of a lifetime!

All students
are fully covered by insurance!