SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga - Pilates

Enjoy yoga while floating on water! Imagine the serenity of your yoga practice amidst gently lapping waves, the soothing sounds of water and a backdrop of a beautiful sunset...SUP YOGA for your body and mind.

Our SUP YOGA class combines traditional yoga postures (asanas) with the added fun of floating on a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) in flat water. After warming up with a gentle paddle, the SUP YOGA class starts.

Your mat is a stand Up paddleboard, the world is your studio and the elements of sun, wind and water have been invited. It is truly like heaven on Earth.

YOGA and Stand Up paddling go hand in hand because they both "take you right into the moment". They require concentration, balance, proper breathing, relaxation, a sense of adventure, a sense of humor and the ability to surrender to something much bigger than yourself. On the one hand you need to be brave, on the other, there is an extreme sense of humility and huge surrender.

Since the platform is unstable, it is adding a whole new element of core strength, intense focus and single-pointed concentration taking the practice to an entire new level. You'll be more tuned in with your poses, and with yourself. Come experience the magic of opening up the breath, quieting the mind, and moving into greater alignment with yourself and the natural beauty that surrounds us out on the water - pure bliss. Move your mat onto the water. We are waiting for you.

All students
are fully covered by insurance!