Wetsuit Rentals

Wetsuit Rentals

We've got you covered.

We have winter and summer wetsuits of all sizes,for men, women, and kids.

We have everything you need: wetsuits, booties, gloves and hoodies. Whether you need a mens, womens or youth suit, all wetsuits and accessories are brand new for the season!

KYMA Surf School provides its material resources for those who want to surf but do not have their own equipment.

Conditions for equipment rental:

  • All equipment is checked to ensure it is in good condition.
  • The customer is personally and financially responsible for the equipment during the rental period.
  • The equipment must be returned in good conditions: wetsuit and surfboard washed and cleaned.
  • It is necessary to leave an ID card with the Surf Instructor during the rental period.




All students
are fully covered by insurance!