Surfboard Rentals

Surfboard Rentals

KYMA Surf School provides its material resources for those who want to surf but do not have their own equipment.

Longboards, shortboards, epoxy boards, foam boards, fishes etc.

We've got you covered.

Large range of boards ,we guarantee everyone will find a board that suits.

If you are looking for a specific surfboard, chances are we have it! Our staff will help you decide which board suits you the best, depending on your age and skill range.

Our quiver of boards suits all surfing levels, from beginner to advanced surfers. We also have a broad range of fins, including soft fins for a soft board, and harder fins for more serious cuts.

Monthly surfboard rentals can be arranged as well.

Questioning which board is most suitable for your skills and purposes, contact us!

Price List

1 DAY - €30
3 DAYS - €75
5 DAYS - €100

All students
are fully covered by insurance!